Our male patients find that SLK’s array of treatments are a quick way to refresh their appearance, and achieve a greater perception of energy, alertness, and productivity without a lot of daily maintenance.

Men are a rapidly growing demographic in aesthetic medicine. This growth is driven by men’s desire to minimize the signs of high pressure jobs and long hours at work, or just simply the desire to reverse the signs of aging. Then, of course, there’s social media. More technology means we are looking at ourselves a whole lot more—and so are other people.


1. Trusculpt ID

This is the latest technology in noninvasive fat removal. It’s far less painful than Coolsculpting or Sculpsure, and permanently reduces 25% of fat per session. The areas men most commonly request to be sculpted are their love handles, abdomens, and chin. Results take about 4 weeks to see, so make sure you factor this into any big events or vacations you have coming up.

2. Botox

Fondly nicknamed “Brotox” by the media, Botox usage by men has increased 400% from 2000-2017. This injectable medicine is a quick fix to soften lines in the forehead, brow, and around the eyes. It is painless and doesn’t feel like anything more than a mosquito bite. The average man can expect to use about 40-70 units per visit. For first-timers we can start out with a small amount of Botox because you can always add more. (Whereas it takes about 3 months for the medicine to wear off.)

3. Laser Hair Removal

The most common areas men request to laser are the back, shoulders, chest, and neck. We also receive many requests for upper cheeks, arms, abdomen, ears, hands and feet. Just remember that laser hair removal is a sequential process; it takes 6-10 sessions spaced out over 10-12 months so you’ll want to start your sessions in the fall or winter if you’d like to be ready in time for summer.

4. Filler

Filler injections in men have risen 99% since 2000. Since everyone loses bone and fat mass in their face as their age, filler helps to fill any grooves or hollows that develop. Under eyes (also known as tear troughs) is an especially popular area for men to receive filler as it remedies that sunken, tired look.

5. Microneedling

Microneedling can fix so many skin annoyances like acne scars, dark spots from shaving, or sun damage. It also our go-to treatment for tightening and firming the skin. It’s much safer for the skin than using Fraxel or fractional lasers, and it involves much less downtime. We also take care to apply numbing cream to the skin for you so you won’t feel anything.

6. Hair Restoration

Male pattern hair loss, also known as androgenic alopecia, affects well over half of the male population and may begin as early as age 25. Treatments such as platelet rich plasma or stem cell derived exosomes can stall hair follicles from future degeneration or even revive a dying hair follicle. Early intervention is the key to hair restoration success. We use a variety of methods to maximize comfort during the procedure, including vibration therapy, anesthetic spray, and small gauge needles. Most scalps require a series of 3-6 sessions to start, followed by maintenance every 6 months.