Microneedling on a regular basis is the secret to preserving your skin’s tone, thickness, and tightness throughout the decades. At SLK, we perform deep medical-grade microneedling to achieve permanent skin rejuvenation (versus cosmetic microneedling which produces more of an exfoliation effect.) Motorized microneedling pens are a safe, minimally invasive, and effective treatment for anti-aging as well as several different dermatologic conditions including:


  • We use an FDA-approved computerized microneedling device that auto-senses the roughness, or resistance of the tissue. Therefore anyone with more irregular texture such as scarring or wrinkling will achieve a more thorough and clinically effective treatment. Our device is the first and only microneedling pen to use computerized technology, rather than just a motor without a “brain” (like an electric toothbrush or electric razor).
  • We use a sterilized, never-before-used needle cartridge on each patient. Each patient gets a new needle cartridge with each treatment. We also use a brand new protective sleeve with each treatment so there is no cross-contamination between patients.
  • We are licensed healthcare professionals, meaning we have a license to penetrate the skin about 5-6 times deeper than spa professionals.
  • We offer multiple infusions during the treatment for even greater results:
    • Botox infusion. This dramatically shrinks pores, reduces oil production, and is one of the best solutions for acne relief. Acne will be suppressed for about 3 months after treatment.
    • Exosome infusion. This breakthrough substance derived from human stem cells contains millions of growth factors,  signaling peptides, and skin brighteners to reset the skin, and improve inflammation which is the root cause for many skin disorders.
    • PRP infusion. Also known as the “vampire facial,” this is the premium option for anti-aging and wrinkles.
    • Snail serum infusion. This is the best choice for long-lasting radiance and luminous skin. The most glowing and hydrated skin possible. Ideal for event prep, bridal prep, or before a long vacation.


(NOTE: we do not alter the lighting on any of our before and after photos. Skin rejuvenation results in skin with a higher moisture content and greater blood circulation, which results in a brighter skin tone and more light reflection).


Microneedling is ideal for patients who desire measurable clinical results with little to no recovery time. The procedure involves the use of an automated pen containing sterile microneedles which create numerous micro-channels in both the upper epidermal layer and deeper dermal layer of the skin. The end result is a controlled wound-healing response leading to an increase in collagen and elastin production. Below you can see an examples of microneedling results, including scar removal scar removal.


For a short period of time following microneedling, the skin is very permeable to skincare products. Patients may opt to follow up their microneedling session with peptides or snail growth factors, or they can opt to infuse their skin with platelet-rich plasma (PRP). PRP contains a rich concentration of 7 of your body’s own growth factors. When applied to the skin, the PRP serum boosts the skin’s healing ability, producing improved skin tone, skin tightening, and increased skin thickness and volume.

To obtain the PRP, our nurses first take a small sample of your blood. This sample is then spun in a centrifuge to extract the plasma. Next, the sample is concentrated with your own platelets, creating what is called platelet-rich plasma (PRP).


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