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6 Problems You Didn’t Know Vivace Radiofrequency Microneedling Could Treat

You’ve heard about the incredible power of Vivace for skin tightening and acne scars, and you’ve read the rave reviews, but have you heard of these 6 additional benefits of Vivace treatment?


The oil-producing glands in our face, called sebaceous glands, are very sensitive to heat. Vivace is able to use microneedles to delivery energy directly to these glands. A single session of radiofrequency microneedling,can result in a reduction in sebum (oil) secretion of 70-80%. 2 treatment sessions have been shown to result in a up to 50% reduction in blemishes, and 3 treatment sessions have been shown to result in up to a 76% reduction in acne blemishes.

How long do these results last? Radiofrequency microneedling keeps acne at bay for up to 8 weeks, at which time another maintenance treatment should be performed. 


Radiofrequency microneedling has shown to be incredibly promising for 2nd and 3rd degree burns (watch the video below to learn more.) Unlike laser treatments, RF microneedling does not carry the risk of side effects associated with light-based therapies like fractional or CO2 laser, and it is much less painful than these laser treatments as well. The healing process is also much faster than laser, and with minimal downtime. 


Stretch marks form when collagen and elastin fibers tear during puberty, pregnancy, or significant weight gain or loss that occurs in a short period of time. Vivace penetrates to the middle layer of skin (the dermis) to rebuild collagen, improving the texture and color of the marks. Stretch marks occur in up to 90% of women, making Vivace an excellent option for nearly every woman. 6 sessions of Vivace are recommended for treating stretch marks.


C-section scars can be minimized in a 30 minute treatment every 4-6-weeks for 6 sessions. Vivace creates controlled thermal damage in the dermis and stimulates a wound healing response which initiates collagen remodeling of abnormal scar tissue. C-section scars are some of the deepest scars because they penetrate the entire thickness of the skin, however, Vivace needles are able to release heat directly into the skin that diffuses to the deeper tissue. 


Vivace is able to treat hyperhidrosis safely and comfortably. 2 treatments (spaced 4 weeks apart) can effectively reduce underarm sweat long-term. It is recommended, however, that sessions be repeated after 1 year, particularly in overweight patients with high BMIs.


Studies have shown that radiofrequency microneedling reduces redness in as little as 3 treatments. Vivace prevents hemoglobin, the brightly colored protein in red blood cells, from presenting itself at the surface of the skin, reducing overall redness.


Wondering how many treatments you would need, or how much this would cost? Gain an answer quickly and free of charge when you book a consult with us:

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