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9 Reasons Why Men Love Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is one of the most sought after aesthetic procedures by men. So why do some men pursue permanent laser hair removal instead of more traditional methods like shaving and waxing? Below are some of the most common reasons men have laser hair removal. 

1. Razor bumps:

Some men struggle with the issue of red bumps and itching, known as “folliculitis, after shaving. Bacteria that normally live on the skin’s surface migrate into the hair follicle during the shaving process. The bacteria cause inflammation, unsightly red bumps and itching. 

2. Tired of time spent shaving and waxing:

The biggest and most obvious reason men choose laser hair removal is the freedom to never shave or wax again. Shaving and waxing can be incredibly time consuming. The added convenience is especially important for men who have hair in difficult to reach places such as their back.

3. Athletic lifestyle.

 Body builders, cyclists, and swimmers are all known to perform grooming methods before a race or competition. Frequently shaving can be very time consuming prior to important events, making laser hair removal an excellent option for those wanting an edge up on the competition.

4. Less embarrassing than salon waxing:

Some men feel uncomfortable in female dominated beauty salons. Fortunately, laser hair removal is performed in a clinic setting, saving men the embarrassment of visiting the salon for waxing appointments. 

5. They want thinner hair:

Some men simply want thinner, finer hairs rather than total hair removal. Using laser hair removal, we can weaken the hair follicles to thin out the hair without removing it completely. Men with thick hair on their backs, chests or arms can benefit from LHR to help remove some but not all of the hair per their preferences. This allows men to enjoy a masuline appearance while keeping more intense hair growth under control.

6. Ingrown hairs:

For some men, unpleasant and unsightly ingrown hairs are a major problem. Ingrown hairs not only have a red and inflamed appearance but may be painful as well. Ingrown hairs will gradually be cured with laser hair removal treatment due to the decrease in hair follicles.

7. Tattoos:

Men who have tattoos typically want to show them off and significant body hair is an impediment to this. Laser hair removal is an excellent option for men pursuing tattoos because the procedure permanently removes the need for shaving and waxing in the area of the desired tattoo. It is important to note that laser hair removal cannot be performed over an existing tattoo but in an area prior to tattoo application.

8. Muscle definition:

Many men struggle with significant chest, abdominal, and back hair. Unfortunately efforts in the gym are minimized by an abundance of hair in these areas. For men that prioritize displaying their results from exercising, laser hair removal is an excellent option to show off their physique.

9. Significant Others:

Some men are not significantly bothered by their hair but instead their partners do not like excessive hair. Partner satisfaction has led many men to pursue laser hair removal as a more permanent option for personal maintenance.

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