How to Prevent Mascne (Mask-Acne)

Have you been noticing more breakouts since the arrival of coronavirus 2020? It’s entirely possible your new acne may be caused by increased mask usage. We like to refer to this particular type of acne as “mascne” (Mask-acne.) Folks who work in healthcare are very familiar with mascne but for those of us who aren’t […]

Sun Spot Removal: How To Remove Dark Spots Quickly With Revepeel

WHAT CAUSES DARK SPOTS ON THE SKIN? Dark spots can be a very frustrating skin issue to treat. Dark spots are areas within the skin that have increased melanin production. Melanin is cellular structure responsible for skin color. If there is more melanin in an area of the skin then the darker the skin will […]

Fruit Acids: How They Truly Make Your Skin Glow

FRUIT ACIDS Look dewy rather than melty this summer with fruit acids, your key to a low-maintenance summer glow. Summertime is a tricky time for makeup- prone to sweaty mishaps and frequent touch-ups. However, summer should be fun! Enjoy your barbecues, music festivals, and pool parties without an ounce of worry about what your face looks […]