HOW TO BEST SHAPE YOUR BUTT: BBL vs Buttock Injections

womany laying in treatment bed ready for buttock lift injection

We’re going to dive into the details of two popular methods: the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) and buttock injections. We’ll also review why calcium hydroxyapatite buttock injections, specifically Radiesse, stands out as the ultimate choice for enhancing your backside over other alternatives like Sculptra.

What is it like to TruSculpt your body?

Trusculpt ID is a revolutionary FDA approved fat burning device that came onto the market in 2018. The device utilizes radiofrequency energy to raise the internal temperature of fat cells for a specific time period required to kill fat. Sounds like science-fiction, right? So what is it like to Trusculpt iD your body at SLK? The Consultation At our clinic, every truSculpt iD treatment begins with a detailed consultation. It is vital to have a consultation to discuss and visualize your treatment concerns in order to build your custom contouring treatment. Every patient is unique and has different needs which is why there is not a one treatment fits all approach. In the consultation, a medical provider will map out your best treatment plan and amount of sessions required to meet discussed goals. The Treatment A patient can either be treated the same day as the consultation or come back on another day for treatment. The appointment begins with photographs of the treatment area in order to track progress. The Trusculpt iD device is then applied to the patient according to the agreed upon treatment plan developed during the consultation after the photos are taken. Treatment begins once the device is applied to the body. The treatment from start to finish lasts approximately 15 minutes to one hour. Trusculpt iD treatments are commonly described as feeling like a hot stone massage or the sensation of entering a hot bath. The temperature is gradually increased over the first five minutes then maintained for the last ten. Overall the treatment from start to finish is very comfortable.  When Will I See Results? It takes 12 weeks to see final results after a single treatment, though some patients start to notice a change around six to eight weeks. The body relies predominantly on the lymphatic system to remove the dead fat cells naturally and this process takes up to 12 weeks. SLK Clinic recommends layering two to four treatments in order to achieve best results. TRUSCULPT ID BEFORE/AFTER PHOTOS Are There Any Side Effects? Trusculpt iD is very unique in that any side effects experienced are very minimal and very transient. A patient treated with Trusculpt may experience mild redness, tenderness, and some swelling. However, any of these side effects experienced are very mild and typically resolve within a few hours to days. 

Does Trusculpt ID Really Work?

TRUSCULPT: DOES IT REALLY PRODUCE RESULTS? What if we told you there was a way to permanently kill up to 24% of fat cells in a non-invasive way that requires no downtime? Does this sound too good to be true? Fortunately this type of non-invasive fat removal is completely accessible at SLK Clinic with Trusculpt ID.  How Does Trusculpt iD Work? The Trusculpt iD device utilizes radiofrequency waves that penetrate sections of fat down to the muscle layer. This optimized energy delivery system provides selective apoptosis (cell death) of the subcutaneous adipose (fat) tissue while sparing the skin cells. Cell death is accomplished through increasing the internal temperature of treated fat cells to 109.4F for a precise amount of time. Increasing internal fat cell temperature is achieved through the interaction between radiofrequency waves and water molecules within fat cells. Water molecules in fat cells are excited by radiofrequency energy. When water molecules are excited, they vibrate very quickly. This water molecule vibration translates into friction and friction results in heat. Heat steadily increases within the fat cells the longer the water molecules are excited by the energy. It treats the entire fat layer, resulting in clinically proven results averaging 24% fat reduction with each treatment. Fat cells cannot survive 10 minutes at 109.4F, thus they permanently die. After treatment, the body naturally metabolizes and removes the dead fat cells through the lymphatic system over a period of 12 weeks. These cells are irreversibly damaged and will not return. How Many Treatments Are Required? For best results a patient should be treated approximately three times per treatment area. Significantly noticeable results are best seen when treatments are layered since up to 24% of fat cells can be killed per treatment. Many patients see results as early as six weeks and will continue to see improvement up to 12 weeks. Are My Results Permanent? Yes, results are permanent. The fat cells permanently killed by Trusculpt iD are naturally removed by the body. The histology studies have shown inflammation and fat necrosis from beneath the skin layer down to 1.5cm in depth. These studies are complemented by clinical studies which show an average of 24% fat reduction in the treatment area measured by ultrasound. However, it is important to note the remaining cells can become larger in size with an unhealthy diet or lack or exercise. (However they will shrink again if you return back to a healthy lifestyle). WHAT DO THE BEFORE AND AFTER PHOTOS OF TRUSCULPT ID LOOK LIKE? Click here to view real before and after results of truSculpt iD: trusculpt id before/after photos