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How To Fix Coolsculpting Dents, Shelves, And Other Uneven Side Effects?

SLK OFFERS CORRECTION OF COOLSCULPTING DEFECTS USING THE PRECISION FAT REMOVAL DEVICE, TRUSCULPT ID Uneven results from non-invasive body contouring can be devastating, especially after such a large investment on your part. Our nurses have seen many the lump, sharkbite, and indentation and they are here at any time to offer support, answer your questions, and point you to the best solution for you. (Learn why fat-freezing even causes indentations and defects in the first place: the disadvantages of suction-cup based methodologies) Scroll down for three options to correct defects, or, if you prefer, book a consult now to tell us your fat-freezing story and discuss how Trusculpt iD can help you. book now 3 WAYS TO CORRECT COOLSCULPTING DEFECTS: 1. LIPOSUCTION. Many plastic surgeons will tend to recommend this corrective option first, especially because surgery is their specialty. However, liposuction requires incisions and stitches that result in scars, which is not ideal when all you really want is just for your skin to look normal again.  2. KYBELLA. Even though a fat lump may look small, Kybella can use between 5 and 15 vials to treat even the tiniest of fat pockets, making it even more expensive than liposuction. (Kybella typically costs between $300 and $600 a vial). So although Kybella placement is very precise, this will probably run you the most amount of money. For this reason, we only recommend this method for extremely tiny defects. 3. TRUSCULPT ID. Trusculpt iD, released in 2018, is the newest generation of Trusculpt which has been around since the early 2010s. This new device is fully customizable to the shape and size of the fat defect you would like to remove. It also lays or glides on top of the skin, so there is not the risk of variability like you have with a suction-cup based device. It can target an area as small as half the size of your credit card, resulting in a more precisely measured treatment zone. The best part is there is no scarring, incisions, pain, or downtime.  SLK: THE BEST PLACE TO FIX PAST COOLSCULPTING IN NASHVILLE Call us or follow the link below to fill out a form below to speak to one of our expert staff. We realize how upsetting any defects may be to you and one member of our incredible team will contact you within 24 business hours. book now

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