An Intro To Trusculpt ID From A Nurse Practitioner

TRUSCULPT ID: THE SOLUTION FOR STUBBORN FAT WHAT CAUSES STUBBORN POCKETS OF FAT? There seems to be a common theme when it comes to weight loss and that is the dreaded trouble spots that always come back, no matter how much your exercise, or how long you diet. As metabolism slows down with age, certain pockets of fat become even more resistant. Everyone has an individual way that they put on weight. This is largely pre-determined by one’s genetics. Some people struggle with abdominal fat whereas others tend to gain weight around their hips and thighs. Sometimes a combination of hormones and genetics makes it very difficult to lose weight in certain areas. Common trouble spots include under the chin, lower abdominal, flanks (love handles), and inner thighs. Unfortunately, there is no way to reduce these fat pockets for good, unless the fat cells are permanently destroyed so that they can no longer try to store energy in the form of fat. WHAT IS TRUSCULPT ID? truSculpt iD is the most effective non-invasive fat burning device on the market. It was approved by the FDA in 2018 for its ability to induce lipolysis (kill fat cells). Trusculpt ID utilizes radiofrequency waves to penetrate thick sections of fat and heat them to a specific target temperature. The fat cells must stay at this target temperature for at least 10 minutes to achieve permanent cell death. The body then metabolizes and removes the dead fat cells over a period of 12 weeks. A patient can expect to see 24-29% of fat removed in a treated area per treatment. The radiofrequency heat also has the effect of collagen remodeling and skin tightening. The skin tightening effect can be very beneficial in areas such as under the chin, back of the arms and abdomen. HOW MANY TREATMENTS OF TRUSCULPT ID ARE REQUIRED? The average treated area will require three treatments for best results. However, required treatments will vary based on the size of the patient and the area treated. For example, the abdomen or inner thighs may require more treatments than beneath the chin. A larger area of fat typically requires more than three treatments. IS TRUSCULPT ID PAINFUL? truSculpt iD kills the targeted fat pocket by gradually heating the area until a specific temperature is achieved. Once the temperature is achieved, it is maintained for ten minutes. The gradual heating process can feel like a hot stone massage but is not painful. A patient can expect some mild redness, tenderness, and swelling after the procedure. These results are completely normal and are to be expected. Any redness typically resolves within one day. Tenderness and swelling are normal for a few days after the procedure and will resolve within a week. AM I A GOOD CANDIDATE FOR TRUSCULPT ID? Anyone that is living a healthy lifestyle and exercises regularly is a good candidate for truSculpt iD. The only patient contraindications for treatment are pregnancy, significant metal implants in the treatment area, and implanted electrical devices such as an insulin pump or a cardiac pacemaker. BOOK YOUR COMPLIMENTARY CUSTOM-FITTING WITH A LICENSED NURSE: book now LEARN THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN TRUSCULPT AND COOLSCULPTING (FAT-FREEZING) DISCOVER HERE

How To Fix Coolsculpting Dents, Shelves, And Other Uneven Side Effects?

SLK OFFERS CORRECTION OF COOLSCULPTING DEFECTS USING THE PRECISION FAT REMOVAL DEVICE, TRUSCULPT ID Uneven results from non-invasive body contouring can be devastating, especially after such a large investment on your part. Our nurses have seen many the lump, sharkbite, and indentation and they are here at any time to offer support, answer your questions, and point you to the best solution for you. (Learn why fat-freezing even causes indentations and defects in the first place: the disadvantages of suction-cup based methodologies) Scroll down for three options to correct defects, or, if you prefer, book a consult now to tell us your fat-freezing story and discuss how Trusculpt iD can help you. book now 3 WAYS TO CORRECT COOLSCULPTING DEFECTS: 1. LIPOSUCTION. Many plastic surgeons will tend to recommend this corrective option first, especially because surgery is their specialty. However, liposuction requires incisions and stitches that result in scars, which is not ideal when all you really want is just for your skin to look normal again.  2. KYBELLA. Even though a fat lump may look small, Kybella can use between 5 and 15 vials to treat even the tiniest of fat pockets, making it even more expensive than liposuction. (Kybella typically costs between $300 and $600 a vial). So although Kybella placement is very precise, this will probably run you the most amount of money. For this reason, we only recommend this method for extremely tiny defects. 3. TRUSCULPT ID. Trusculpt iD, released in 2018, is the newest generation of Trusculpt which has been around since the early 2010s. This new device is fully customizable to the shape and size of the fat defect you would like to remove. It also lays or glides on top of the skin, so there is not the risk of variability like you have with a suction-cup based device. It can target an area as small as half the size of your credit card, resulting in a more precisely measured treatment zone. The best part is there is no scarring, incisions, pain, or downtime.  SLK: THE BEST PLACE TO FIX PAST COOLSCULPTING IN NASHVILLE Call us or follow the link below to fill out a form below to speak to one of our expert staff. We realize how upsetting any defects may be to you and one member of our incredible team will contact you within 24 business hours. book now

What Causes Uneven Results From Coolsculpting?

UNEVEN COOLSCULPTING SIDE EFFECTS Uneven results from fat-freezing devices like Coolsculpting are not uncommon. You may have experienced it personally, or seen reviewers on Realself lamenting their negative experience. Why does this happen? Sometimes it could be user error, however, even the most experienced Coolsculpting providers have witnessed the unsightly dents and bumps that can arise from Coolsculpting. Read below to learn about the 2 main reasons for these uneven side effects: 1. Coolsculpting is vacuum-based making it an inexact science. It is virtually impossible to precisely control whether the skin sucked into the Coolsculpting cup gets gets pulled from the right, left, up, or down. Coolsculpting uses a vacuum to pull the skin away from the body in less than a second. Once the skin is vacuumed into the cup, its position cannot be moved or adjusted without stopping the machine and starting over again. 2. Coolsculpting suction cups come in only 3 fixed sizes despite the fact that no two bodies are exactly alike. This makes it extremely difficult to treat areas like the inner thigh, for example. If the length of the inner thigh fat does not exactly match the length of any of the cups, the patient is at risk for uneven removal of fat. Coolsculpting cups come in 3 sizes: CoolAdvantage Plus, CoolAdvantage, and CoolAdvantage Petite. Although Coolsculpting is truly effective at removing fat, it does have its cons, as described above. However, the beauty of aesthetic dermatology is that the industry is booming and technology is always improving. Coolsculpting was FDA-approved in 2010, which is a long time ago in tech-based fields such as aesthetics. (Can you imagine still using the cell phone you had in 2010?) Since then, the FDA has approved new fat-removal technology, Trusculpt iD, which lays flat on the skin, eliminating the problem of unpredictable vacuum effects. The smooth, flat panels of Trusculpt iD can be placed wherever desired on the skin, and their position can be adjusted down to the millimeter. Trusculpt panels can also be reduced or expanded to match the size of the skin needing to be treated. All in all, this device allows us at SLK to make our patients much happier than they would be with Coolsculpting. Talk to us about how we can use Trusculpt iD to achieve your aesthetic goals today!: book now