What is it like to TruSculpt your body?

Trusculpt ID is a revolutionary FDA approved fat burning device that came onto the market in 2018. The device utilizes radiofrequency energy to raise the internal temperature of fat cells for a specific time period required to kill fat. Sounds like science-fiction, right? So what is it like to Trusculpt iD your body at SLK? The […]

Does Trusculpt ID Really Work?

TRUSCULPT: DOES IT REALLY PRODUCE RESULTS? What if we told you there was a way to permanently kill up to 24% of fat cells in a non-invasive way that requires no downtime? Does this sound too good to be true? Fortunately this type of non-invasive fat removal is completely accessible at SLK Clinic with Trusculpt […]

An Intro To Trusculpt ID From A Nurse Practitioner

TRUSCULPT ID: THE SOLUTION FOR STUBBORN FAT WHAT CAUSES STUBBORN POCKETS OF FAT? There seems to be a common theme when it comes to weight loss and that is the dreaded trouble spots that always come back, no matter how much your exercise, or how long you diet. As metabolism slows down with age, certain […]

How To Fix Coolsculpting Dents, Shelves, And Other Uneven Side Effects?

SLK OFFERS CORRECTION OF COOLSCULPTING DEFECTS USING THE PRECISION FAT REMOVAL DEVICE, TRUSCULPT ID Uneven results from non-invasive body contouring can be devastating, especially after such a large investment on your part. Our nurses have seen many the lump, sharkbite, and indentation and they are here at any time to offer support, answer your questions, and […]

What Causes Uneven Results From Coolsculpting?

UNEVEN COOLSCULPTING SIDE EFFECTS Uneven results from fat-freezing devices like Coolsculpting are not uncommon. You may have experienced it personally, or seen reviewers on Realself lamenting their negative experience. Why does this happen? Sometimes it could be user error, however, even the most experienced Coolsculpting providers have witnessed the unsightly dents and bumps that can arise from […]