4 Types of Lip Filler: Which Lip Filler is Best For You?

A quick Google search for the types of lip filler will yield numerous options. But which filler is best? The answer varies per individual patient. Here is a quick guide on how to select the filler that’s right for you: Juvederm Ultra. One of the first lip fillers to be approved by the FDA in 2015, Juvederm Ultra is a […]

Why Nurses Make The Best Injectors

WHY ARE NURSES THE BEST BOTOX AND FILLER INJECTORS? May means National Nurses week is upon us. At SLK, we are proud that 100% of all our procedures are performed by board-certified and licensed nursing staff. We wanted to take the time to highlight why we are so pro-nursing and why we believe nurses make […]

5 Things To Look For When Choosing A Filler Injector

About 95% of the success of your filler treatment depends on who is behind the needle. Results can be vastly different depending on the injector’s experience, aseptic technique, and artistic eye. Because of this, anyone considering a filler procedure should evaluate all options carefully.  Whether you’ve never gone under the needle before, or you’re looking […]