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Fruit Acids: How They Truly Make Your Skin Glow

FRUIT ACIDS Look dewy rather than melty this summer with fruit acids, your key to a low-maintenance summer glow. Summertime is a tricky time for makeup- prone to sweaty mishaps and frequent touch-ups. However, summer should be fun! Enjoy your barbecues, music festivals, and pool parties without an ounce of worry about what your face looks like, with the help of this 10 minute trick. WHAT ARE FRUIT ACIDS? Fruit acids are also known as alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs), a group of nontoxic organic compounds that have have been used throughout history as beauty aids. This group of compounds includes glycolic acid, lactic acid, malic acid, tartaric acid, and citric acid, all of which are found naturally occurring in fruits. (Although many skincare companies use synthetic versions now.) Each of these molecules share a common structural backbone which puts them in the chemistry category known as “weak acids.” Typically, the only alpha-hydroxy fruit acids you will see in skincare are glycolic acid and lactic acid. HOW DO FRUIT ACIDS WORK? Alpha-Hydroxy Acids loosen the intercellular bonds between your corneocytes- the dry, densely packed cells that make up the outermost layer of your skin. Once the bonds are loosened, corneocytes shed easily, revealing the newer layer of skin beneath. The dull cells that were once piled up are now gone, and the resulting smooth surface reflects light instead of absorbing it, which is why skin appears so luminous.  WHERE CAN I FIND PRODUCTS CONTAINING FRUIT ACIDS? REN Radiance Renewal Mask Lancer Caviar Lime Acid Peel Dior Hydralife Sorbet Water Essence PLEASE DON’T FORGET YOUR SPF: Please be aware that Alpha-hydroxy acids are known to increase your skin’s sensitivity to UV light so if you decide to try any of these, be sure to apply SPF everyday. (Which you should be doing anyway). CAN I JUST PUT FRUIT ON MY FACE? No, we don’t recommend leaving fruit directly on your face. The natural acid concentrations won’t be high enough to produce a significant clinical effect. Plus, fruit contains other compounds that can cause photophytodermatitis– rash, burns or blisters triggered by sun exposure. Leave it to the skincare companies to extract and purify your fruit acids first. WHEN SHOULD I APPLY FRUIT ACIDS? You should expect a period of radiance for about 48 hours after applying over-the-counter alpha hydroxys. We recommend application on a Friday or Saturday so you’re all set for your weekend plans. The Dior and Ren products above are gentle enough for everyday use though. If you would like an extended period of radiance, check out our Medical-grade skin peels which use higher, prescription doses of fruit acids. The perfect prep for a long summer vacation.

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