What Causes Uneven Results From Coolsculpting?

UNEVEN COOLSCULPTING SIDE EFFECTS Uneven results from fat-freezing devices like Coolsculpting are not uncommon. You may have experienced it personally, or seen reviewers on Realself lamenting their negative experience. Why does this happen? Sometimes it could be user error, however, even the most experienced Coolsculpting providers have witnessed the unsightly dents and bumps that can arise from Coolsculpting. Read below to learn about the 2 main reasons for these uneven side effects: 1. Coolsculpting is vacuum-based making it an inexact science. It is virtually impossible to precisely control whether the skin sucked into the Coolsculpting cup gets gets pulled from the right, left, up, or down. Coolsculpting uses a vacuum to pull the skin away from the body in less than a second. Once the skin is vacuumed into the cup, its position cannot be moved or adjusted without stopping the machine and starting over again. 2. Coolsculpting suction cups come in only 3 fixed sizes despite the fact that no two bodies are exactly alike. This makes it extremely difficult to treat areas like the inner thigh, for example. If the length of the inner thigh fat does not exactly match the length of any of the cups, the patient is at risk for uneven removal of fat. Coolsculpting cups come in 3 sizes: CoolAdvantage Plus, CoolAdvantage, and CoolAdvantage Petite. Although Coolsculpting is truly effective at removing fat, it does have its cons, as described above. However, the beauty of aesthetic dermatology is that the industry is booming and technology is always improving. Coolsculpting was FDA-approved in 2010, which is a long time ago in tech-based fields such as aesthetics. (Can you imagine still using the cell phone you had in 2010?) Since then, the FDA has approved new fat-removal technology, Trusculpt iD, which lays flat on the skin, eliminating the problem of unpredictable vacuum effects. The smooth, flat panels of Trusculpt iD can be placed wherever desired on the skin, and their position can be adjusted down to the millimeter. Trusculpt panels can also be reduced or expanded to match the size of the skin needing to be treated. All in all, this device allows us at SLK to make our patients much happier than they would be with Coolsculpting. Talk to us about how we can use Trusculpt iD to achieve your aesthetic goals today!: book now