Fall’s Must Have Skin Treatment: Revepeel Enlighten Mask

WHAT IS THE BEST TREATMENT FOR YOUR SKIN IN THE FALL? One of the top skincare concerns we try to address immediately following the end of summer is the brown pigment that accumulates during the sunny months. Deposited in the form of freckles, sun spots and darkening of melasma, these stubborn brown stains will take years to fade on their own without proper treatment. The production of melanin (brown pigment) is easily stimulated by sunlight, thus as soon as the cooler months arrive and patients are spending more time indoors and wearing longer clothing, this gives us an opportune window of time to begin reviving your skin’s natural even skin tone. THE BEST TREATMENT FOR DARK SPOTS ON THE FACE Unlike lasers or photofacials that remove pigment from the skin’s surface but do not address melanin production at its root cause, at SLK we use the revolutionary Revepeel Enlighten Mask to deeply penetrate the skin with skin-brightening ingredients which paralyze the production of melanin for a long period of time. The Enlighten Mask formula contains 6 bioactive skin-lightening ingredients including hydroquinone, retinol, kojic acid, arbutin, niacinamide and an oil-based form of Vitamin C that penetrates much deeper than your typical Vitamin C serum. Normally a patient would have to buy 4 or 5 different skincare products to obtain all of these ingredients but Revepeel Enlighten Mask allows us to deliver clinically-effective doses of all these ingredients in just a 30 minute appointment. ANTI-AGING BENEFITS Not only does the Enlighten Mask address pigmentation concerns, but because it also contains peeling ingredients, patients also receive the benefits of your typical peel such as soothing acne blemishes, shrinking pores, and smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. Collagen production will be elevated over the next 3 months. HOW DOES THE REVEPEEL ENLIGHTEN MASK WORK? Since the Enlighten Mask contains prescription-strength concentrations of active ingredients, the Mask can only be obtained at a nurse practitioner or doctor’s office. The nurse applies a thick putty-like substance to the skin and spreads it over the face similar to a mask. The patient then wears the mask for several hours then rinses it off at home. The peeling process occurs for 3-4 days. It is not a sheet peel, but more of a light shedding. This mask-peel has absolutely zero pain. Dramatically noticeable results will be seen in 1 week and full results in 1 month.  BEST TIME TO SCHEDULE THE REVEPEEL ENLIGHTEN MASK Anytime preceding time out of the sun for 1 month is a great time to receive the Enlighten mask. Click here to meet with our staff to determine if you are a good candidate for Enlighten Mask!

Fruit Acids: How They Truly Make Your Skin Glow

FRUIT ACIDS Look dewy rather than melty this summer with fruit acids, your key to a low-maintenance summer glow. Summertime is a tricky time for makeup- prone to sweaty mishaps and frequent touch-ups. However, summer should be fun! Enjoy your barbecues, music festivals, and pool parties without an ounce of worry about what your face looks like, with the help of this 10 minute trick. WHAT ARE FRUIT ACIDS? Fruit acids are also known as alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs), a group of nontoxic organic compounds that have have been used throughout history as beauty aids. This group of compounds includes glycolic acid, lactic acid, malic acid, tartaric acid, and citric acid, all of which are found naturally occurring in fruits. (Although many skincare companies use synthetic versions now.) Each of these molecules share a common structural backbone which puts them in the chemistry category known as “weak acids.” Typically, the only alpha-hydroxy fruit acids you will see in skincare are glycolic acid and lactic acid. HOW DO FRUIT ACIDS WORK? Alpha-Hydroxy Acids loosen the intercellular bonds between your corneocytes- the dry, densely packed cells that make up the outermost layer of your skin. Once the bonds are loosened, corneocytes shed easily, revealing the newer layer of skin beneath. The dull cells that were once piled up are now gone, and the resulting smooth surface reflects light instead of absorbing it, which is why skin appears so luminous.  WHERE CAN I FIND PRODUCTS CONTAINING FRUIT ACIDS? REN Radiance Renewal Mask Lancer Caviar Lime Acid Peel Dior Hydralife Sorbet Water Essence PLEASE DON’T FORGET YOUR SPF: Please be aware that Alpha-hydroxy acids are known to increase your skin’s sensitivity to UV light so if you decide to try any of these, be sure to apply SPF everyday. (Which you should be doing anyway). CAN I JUST PUT FRUIT ON MY FACE? No, we don’t recommend leaving fruit directly on your face. The natural acid concentrations won’t be high enough to produce a significant clinical effect. Plus, fruit contains other compounds that can cause photophytodermatitis– rash, burns or blisters triggered by sun exposure. Leave it to the skincare companies to extract and purify your fruit acids first. WHEN SHOULD I APPLY FRUIT ACIDS? You should expect a period of radiance for about 48 hours after applying over-the-counter alpha hydroxys. We recommend application on a Friday or Saturday so you’re all set for your weekend plans. The Dior and Ren products above are gentle enough for everyday use though. If you would like an extended period of radiance, check out our Medical-grade skin peels which use higher, prescription doses of fruit acids. The perfect prep for a long summer vacation.