SkinPen Precision Gains FDA Approval for Neck Microneedling

May 8, 2021
Jennifer Stieber, NP

 I am thrilled to announce that our own SkinPen Precision device was approved by the FDA to treat neck wrinkles a few weeks ago on April 12, 2021.



Confidence in your investment

Although microneedling has been performed on the neck for years, this means there is more clinical data than ever proving its results. This FDA approval signifies the culmination of years of research and thousands of patients who have received microneedling. Ultimately this means the consumer can rest easy knowing that their investment in neck microneedling using the SkinPen Precision is worth it.


microneedling skinpen woman in 50s for wrinkles and skin tightening


Safe for deep depths of skin.

The SkinPen Precision microneedling technology is safe for use with a depth of up to 2.5mm on the neck. This is the deepest setting of the SkinPen Precision which allows licensed clinicians to access the living layer of the skin.



Moisturize skin. Without moisturizer.

  • 94% of patients noticed an improvement in how their neck wrinkles looked 1 month post-procedure. This treatment can successfully be used to reduce neck crepiness and “tech neck” lines.


  • Decreased epidermal water loss to the air. Skin was more hydrated and plump. Essentially, skin was more moisturized without using moisturizer. 

  • Facial dermal density increased 101.86%


  • Facial epidermal density increased 19.28%


  • Facial elasticity increased 28.2% after 3 months.


  • Collagen type III and elastin gene expression was higher 3 months after a series of 4 treatments.


  • Blood flow decreased 25.8% in the face and 42.3% in the neck. This demonstrates increased oxygen levels in the tissue. 



(Subjects were 44-65 years old. Treatments were conducted 1 month apart. Biopsies were done before the first treatment, before the 4th treatment, and 3 months after the 4th treatment.)





Preserving the epidermis is key.

Ablative techniques like laser and dermabrasions run a high risk of discoloration because they cause lots of damage to the epidermal layer of skin where the melanin-producing cells reside. Stripping the epidermis = high risk of scarring and irregular pigmentation. Microneedling is a minimally invasive alternative that triggers new skin formation while preserving the valuable epidermis. 

Less Downtime, Reduced side effects

Removing the epidermis also leads to prolonged healing, downtime, and increased risk of infection.  While ablative techniques have been used over the past 30 years, we now have a better solution with microneedling.

Safer for Summer Months

Skincare lovers know sun and dermatology treatments often don’t mix well. However, since microneedling preserves most of the epidermis, patients can still receive microneedling treatments safely during the hot, sunny summer months because of the mild side effect profile. Of course, SPF and hats will still be required for 30 days after the procedure while outdoors.



High Patient Satisfaction

Over 90% of patients noticed an improvement in how their neck appearance 1 month post-procedure


88% of patients were pleased with ther treatment 1 month post-procedure. 


Ability to recover quickly, even during the summer months. Epidermis is left intact,

Pro tip: Add-on Vivace sheet masks, Biopelle Tensage ampoules, and PRP to accelerate recovery further.


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