Why Botox Alone Is Not Enough To Stop Wrinkles

BOTOX IS A ONE DIMENSIONAL APPROACH Although Botox has a household name and seems to be synonymous with anti-aging, it is a very small component of achieving youthful skin. Botulinum toxin can be found in various injectable forms including: Botox, Dysport, and Jeuveau. Injected botulinum toxin plays a large part in slowing down the aging process by relaxing […]

Is It Possible To Stop Responding To Botox?

BOTOX RESISTANCE: FACT OR FICTION? Can someone stop responding to Botox? The short answer is, yes but it’s highly unlikely. Botox (and Dysport) are composed of proteins, and our bodies are able to sense different types of foreign proteins and create antibodies against them. (For example the gluten protein in wheat, and the ovalbumin protein […]