4 Types of Lip Filler: Which Lip Filler is Best For You?

A quick Google search for the types of lip filler will yield numerous options. But which filler is best? The answer varies per individual patient. Here is a quick guide on how to select the filler that’s right for you: Juvederm Ultra. One of the first lip fillers to be approved by the FDA in 2015, Juvederm Ultra is a classic option for lip enhancement. It is known for its plumping properties and ability to attract more water into the lip tissue. Injectors use this filler often because it has a long-standing safety profile, blends well into the patient’s own lip tissue, is cost effective for the patient, and can build lots of lip volume in one sitting. Who is it best for?: Younger patients, first-timers, patients who want to grow their lips several sizes larger, patients who desire a very plump lip. Duration: 6-10 months. 2. Vollure. FDA approved in 2017, this lip filler offers maximum volume with minimal swelling. Unlike its cousin Juvederm, Vollure does not attract water: the volume comes exclusively from the filler itself. This minimizes a white, swollen or puffy look around the perimeter of the lip border which can sometimes be seen with hydrophilic (water attracting) lip fillers. This filler is excellent for defining a crisp lip border and adding shape to a Cupid’s bow. Best for: patients with medium to large lips; patients with young, firm lip tissue; minimizing lip filler migration; minimizing downtime and swelling, patients who desire accentuation of the lip shape. Duration: 12-18 months 3. Volbella. Volbella, a filler with gentle filling capacity, is the softest and most liquid of all the lip fillers. This filler is almost undetectable and adopts the shape of the patient’s lips. It does not swell and it is placed more superficially than other lip fillers, reducing the chance of nicking a blood vessel. there is typically no downtime afterwards. This filler is known to make the lips more red due to the fact it is placed superficially. It does not attract water, a phenomenon which can give the lips a whitish hue. Best for:  aged lips, loose lip tissue, thin-lipped patients who desire undetectable filler, very soft and natural feeling lips, achieving redder lips. Duration: 12 months 4. Combining 2 lip fillers. 2 is better than one, right? Many patients desire a bit of everything: volume, softness and shape. For the best of both worlds, we like to start with a base of Vollure or Juvederm to plump up the structure within the lips, followed by a “topper” layer of Volbella to make the lips ultra smooth, soft and more red.  Best for: lip filler connoisseurs, those who desire crisp, accentuated lip borders but with maximum softness and flexibility.  Duration: 12-18 months Ready to try lip filler? The first step is to book a complimentary consultation : Book a lip consult now