May 1, 2020
Jennifer Stieber, NP

Why are nurses the best Botox and filler injectors?

May means National Nurses week is upon us. At SLK, we are proud that 100% of all our procedures are performed by board-certified and licensed nursing staff. We wanted to take the time to highlight why we are so pro-nursing and why we believe nurses make the best injectors.

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1. Nurses are “born” to use needles.

Starting in their first year of nursing school, nurses become “fluent” in using needles to insert IVs, give shots, and draw blood. Once they graduate and start jobs in the hospital, nurses are responsible for almost all the IVs and blood draws in the hospital. They become accustomed to using needles of all sorts and sizes dozens of times per day. No other healthcare professional spends more time using needles than nurses do. That’s why nurse injectors seem to be so comfortable during aesthetic procedures; working with a needle is almost second nature to them.

2. Even the pharmaceutical companies know nurses make the best injectors

The companies that sell neurotoxins and fillers like Allergan, Galderma, and Merz, all choose to employ nurses as their clinical trainers. These nurses travel all over the country on behalf of these multi-billion dollar brands to teach new practices how to inject Botox and filler. (Yes, they even train doctors). Below are some of the most well-known clinical trainers for injectables in the country:

Rand Rusher (registered nurse)

Lori Robertson (nurse practitioner)

Shelby Miller (nurse practitioner)

George Baxter-Holder (nurse practitioner)

3. Nurses are experts in pain management

Did you know that almost every class in nursing school teaches how to to control pain and suffering? Nurses are the healthcare providers primarily responsible for recognizing pain and finding solutions. Whether it’s suffering in the form of anxiety before a procedure, or the pain of a needle poke, you can bet that an experienced nurse has a handful of interventions up their sleeve to make the experience more comfortable for you.

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4. Nurses are experts in sterile technique

“Sterile technique” is the practice of keeping a procedure free from microorganisms that might cause an infection. Breaches in sterile technique during filler procedures can open up a patient’s risk of infection and long-term side effects. Nurses are specially trained to be vigilant in recognizing breaches in infection control and sterile technique. In fact, they are the leaders of the infection control teams in hospitals, and all operating rooms have a designated nurse who is responsible for ensuring patients are safe from infections intraoperatively. Nurses are accustomed to preparing sterile fields for doctors and surgeons pre-procedure. As nurse injectors, they continue to carry out this practice for their own patients as well.

Nurses are leaders in aesthetic injections

It is no coincidence that nurses are the aesthetic industry’s leaders in injectables, performing more Botox and filler injections than any other healthcare profession. To find a nurse injector near you, head to Realself.com to do a search in your area.

Meet SLK’s nursing staff

Meet SLK Clinic’s nurse injectors by reading their bios here.

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