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SLK in the media

SLK Mentions in the Press and Media

Chattanooga’s aesthetic beauty industry offers a wide array of treatments

January 2024

Fabulous new spot: SLK Chattanooga

December 2022

I just got my 6th Vivace microneedling treatment

September 2022

SLK to Celebrate Grand Opening of 2nd location

October 2022

How I generated hair growth with PRP at SLK Clinic - by Jasmine Sweet

November 2020

Vivace and Combination Treatments Move the Needle for Your Practice

November 2020

My Experience with TruSculpt - Ashley Houston

November 2020

Microneedling with SLK!

April 2019

Microneedling at SLK

November 2020

My Experience with Vivace RF Microneedling

November 2020

10 Questions with a Skincare Expert

25 Dreamy Luxe Loves

19 Nashville FINDS to Shop Online this May

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